Anric's Top 10 Linkedin Tips

πŸ†Ž  Today is GREEDY BASTARD day .... today, let's get all the likes, loves and supports that we deserve. Here's my πŸ” πŸ”Ÿ- key takeaways that will make your game better INSTANTLY ------ Notes below πŸ‘‰  πŸ‘‰   πŸ‘‰

1️⃣- Shorter is better i thought size doesn't matter πŸ€£

2️⃣- If you do really feel the need to write an essay, sell it in the first three lines, to convince viewers to hit the ....see more button

3️⃣- and if you're actually going to write an essay (rather than a post that sells the link to your blog), then use spaces, bullets and a couple of CTA emojis

4️⃣- Here's my favorites - yes including the "-" afterwards
πŸ‘‰ - πŸ§² - πŸ§° - πŸ“ž - β˜ŽοΈ - πŸ§― - πŸ”‘ - πŸ›Ž - πŸ“© - 
❌ - βœ… - βŽ - β–ΆοΈ - βž‘️ - β†ͺ️ - β€΅οΈ - βž• πŸ”œ - β˜‘️ - πŸ”˜ - πŸ”³-

βœ”οΈ - PS - Just copy this line above β« into your linkedin notes cheatsheet then you can always cut and paste from there

5️⃣- When you are creating a post that is a link to an article ... seriously do a quick summary, bold statement, outrageous claim, or what you learnt from it , ASK A QUESTION, something to get engagement, only here at #CrushingitonLinkedin will you actually get engagement on such posts, out there in the real mean world, very few people want you to give them more work .... and  for the very few that do after they read it, or some of it, they will move on and you lost them

6️⃣- TROLLS - aka as digital askholes - are angry people that get their significance from writing passive aggressive mean πŸ’© on your sweet post .... i just block the SOB's but if youre new here and really need the engagement, you can reply and take their πŸͺ€, it can work nicely to stimulate engagement .... but .. i dont think its worth it, so i write back authentically telling them what i think of their comment, try to take the high road, and then if it unravels, i block them after leaving some time for them to actually read the response. up to you

7️⃣- TIME OF POSTING - before noon EST and ideally in the productive morning hours that YOUR audience is at their desk (yes, people still have those) ... no one sits at their laptop waiting for your post to show up all day. 

8️⃣- EXPERIMENT  - try different things, simple couple of lines, graphic, video, meme's, whatever - just do your thing, but don't repeatedly talk about your company / product but every now and then (whatever you're comfortable) you gotta remind people what you do in a cool way, because you think they look at your profile (nah, they don't), but your posts (that you can link to later ) will get lots and lots of traction over a few months if you interlink them.

9️⃣- Engagement -took this text away to save space

πŸ”Ÿ- BE YOURSELF, WHY ? because you're already awesome, funny quirky and silly, all business makes for a very dull experience, and who wants to get engaged to that ? 

βœ…  Do the right thing and ❀️ the post, then write a nice commentπŸ‘‡πŸΌ and of course click follow on πŸ‘‰ #CrushingItOnLinkedIn, love ya πŸ†Ž

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