Thank you

Thank you for enrolling in yourself, trusting in us and starting the journey to truly crafting a Life & Business on YOUR Terms™. 

Right after you left the main stage, we spontaneously recorded a short little video for you and would love it if you could send us a short and quick recommendation, testimonial, even just a note or a vide with your key AHA moments, your best takeaways, a breakthrough or something that really helped you. 

Just a quick spontaneous video recorded on your phone and sent to [email protected] or otherwise a quick Linkedin recommendation right here:  for Anric and one for Lauralouise (otherwise we might fight over you). Thank you for those of you who gave us one spontaneously in the last breakout room, that was super fun.

Here below is a quick walkthrough for you on how the Magnum Accelerator Program works. Its a very spontaneous video and show and tell. 👇 Had some audio issues, sorry about that, will re-record it next week. Must have burnt out my expensive Yeti 🎙️

Here's that link to the video  




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