How to get more inbound leads from Linkedin - and get 100% success from outbound connections

Here's the recipe to get inbound interest, ahem ... also known as LEADS
Instead of just Likes from all the wrong people

1️⃣. -  Instead of randomly picking people to send cold connections to

Do this instead . . . . for 15 minutes a day

Pick an 'influencer' or highly followed person like Ray Dalio if you're in Hedge Funds

who your audience likes and like their comments, reply to their comments

Actually pick 5

and bookmark their latest feeds, like

I think you get the idea ... find your own

2️⃣. -  Warmup the network (60min)

Post as many quality authentic comments on your target audience's content.

Make it 50% influencers and 50% of ideal clients. Prioritize those who have already engaged with you.

Make it quality (i.e. not just "great post!") feedback, if they posted an article, cut and paste from that article. Make it clear that you have read the article. Be a real human, ask a question. Be nice, say thank you. 

One really useful hack is to bookmark your favorites' content feeds and then just open these links in individual tabs, mine open up automatically as 10 tabs every morning

(e.g. this is MY content feed:

Doing 1️⃣ -  and 2️⃣ - before 3️⃣ -  maximizes your chances for excellent engagement on your own content.

3️⃣ -  Post your content

Stay on brand and only post about things that serves your personal brand, allows people to get to know you, even if at times its humor, satire, a rant, your family or a day off. People want to get to know the real you.
Remember, people do business with people, not with companies, unless you are super established like Apple or Tesla or Boeing. 

If someone that you identified with and had engagement with during process 2️⃣ - above, now would be a good time to tag them and ask them a relevant question, even linking back to a former post.

And then, for 60 minutes, be available to reply to comments as soon as they come in.

And then walk away ... seriously, walk away

you are now creating loads of inbound interest opportunities, my notifications, inbox and new contacts is full of people because I engaged them properly, I didnt just cold connect and try to sell them something.

Here is a screenshot of my OUTGOING contact request

PS - I have a 100 / 100 success rate, because I warmed up the seat first that I wanted him / her to sit in. They had already had engagement / comments / fun with me BEFORE i sent a request and never once did I think of sending a COLD request. 


Do that every day and you'll get inbound leads and fill your network with people that think you're cool and actually look at what you have produced. 




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