Major Linkedin Algorithm Update Video 3 - Hashtags


1. The sweet spot in our analysis for the ideal number of Hashtags is 5 for each post. 

2. Fewer than 3 hashtags reduces reach massively by 40%.  More than 9 reduces effectiveness by 35%. 

3. Placing Hashtags in the comments has no real effect on the reach of the post. 

4. Consistent use of a specific Hashtag in your own posts will increase relevant content of the same hashtag in your own feed by 10% to 20%

5. If you are using Creator Mode, where you can lost specific hashtags - using 5 Hashtags will only have a slight improvement, but I am certain Linkedin will tweak this. 

6. Position of Hashtags throughout the text or at the bottom has no influence. 

By the way, my best post has 3.5million views and only has one hashtag, so go figure


Personal Hashtags like #anricb are a great way to create your own Personal (or product) Community like #Crushingitonlinkedin and channel your content into one easy to find place

Tip : make sure to include a personal element in the Hashtag (first name, product name) 


1. People who follow your personal Hashtag won’t miss out on your Content. 

2. By grouping your Posts with the same hashtag together, people will see and engage with your Multiple Posts at the same Time, and flow from one to the next

3. When clicking on your personal Hashtag, users will see previous Posts with the same Hashtag, allowing them to engage with older Content they may have missed. 

4. You can link directly to your specific content from your autosignature in your emails like I do

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