Major Linkedin Algorithm Update Video 2 - Dwell Time

Dwell Time was officially implemented in the LinkedIn Algorithm between April and May last year, because grabbing the attention of your network is no longer enough. You must keep them actively engaged on your post! 

Dwell time looks at two things: 

1. The amount of time people have your post on their screen (mobile or desktop). 

2. Whether people click on the “See More” button after the 3rd line in your post. 

Hacks to improve Dwell Time: 

1. The “See More” button is one of the most important CTA buttons in the feed, make sure people hit it! 

Basically you have to realize that these first 3 lines of every single post serve only to sell the “See more’ button, and you can amplify that the way I do with a CTA emoji like this 👉

2. Every click on an arrow to proceed to the next slide in a slide deck / presentation is a positive signal for the algorithm. Create Multi Page PDF's for this purpose

3. With longer text posts, people will spend more time reading the entire post, so keep it interesting, well structured, use bullets, arrows, and highlight text. I can show you how to do that

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